Myths About Phentermine

1.Time to Clear Your Myths About Phentermine

There are a million ways to lose weight. Still, despite all your efforts, you may feel disheartened if you do not get results. Phentermine is a drug that can boost your weight loss when combined with a healthy diet and exercise. Are you confused about whether you should go for it or not?

It is entirely natural for you to have second thoughts about using a new pill. When it comes to Phentermine, you can find a plethora of myths related to the drug on the internet. Such fake news can make anyone doubt their decision.

Are you stuck in the middle of wanting to lose weight and doubting this treatment? If yes, this article is for you. It is time to clear your myths about Phentermine!

First, let us know what is Phentermine and how does it work.

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What is Phentermine?

Known with names such as Adipex P or K25 pill, Phentermine is a drug that aids in losing weight. It is recommended by doctors all over the world to treat obesity, binge eating disorders, and other weight-related issues.

You can buy Phentermine online or at a big medical store. It is a pill that you need to take once a day (usually) before 12-14 hours of going to bed. Once you start the treatment, you can lose up to 10 to 20 pounds within 12 weeks. Yes, it is proven to be effective in a short time!

2.How Does Phentermine Work?

Phentermine releases certain neurotransmitters in your brain that make you believe you are full. Dopamine and norepinephrine act as hunger suppressing agents in your head. Thus, your appetite automatically decreases, aiding weight loss.

Some of these compounds are released outside your brain to break down the stored fat in your body. As a result, the exercise and dietary plan that you are following are given additional support.

You can reduce around 10 to 20 pounds of weight during the course of this treatment, i.e., within 12 weeks. However, it highly depends on your metabolism as well as diet and exercise.

All drugs have some positive and negative effects, some more than others. While you may have believed that the Adipex diet pills have severe side effects, it is wrong to a great extent. Yes, the drug does have side effects, but that is mostly seen in those suffering from other diseases.

If you have a healthy immune system, Phentermine is not likely to cause any major effects in your body. For further clarity, here is a list of 9 myths about the Phentermine over the counter pills.

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9 Myths About Phentermine You must Ignore

  1. You Cannot Buy Phentermine Without Prescription

You cannot obtain several drugs without a prescription. However, you can buy a few of them without providing a prescription, and the Adipex p is one such drug. Yes, you can purchase Phentermine without a prescription!

That said, this facility may not be available at all offline and online stores. RxMedWorld is one such authentic place from where you can order Phentermine online without any prescription. It is a genuine online medical store that has been serving customers for over 20 years.

You may have the opportunity to make a Phentermine purchase without a prescription, but do not misuse it. For the sake of your health and safety, you must certainly discuss the same with your doctor. That is especially in case you are a patient of heart, diabetes, asthma, and other such grave diseases.

  1. You Can Lose Weight With the Use of Phentermine Only

There is no doubt that you can lose weight with the use of Phentermine. However, consuming this drug is not the only requirement. You will have to shift to a strict diet as prescribed by your healthcare professional. Yes, the pills will reduce your appetite, but that is not enough for weight loss.

That is not all. Along with taking the drug and following a reduced diet, you will also need to work out on a regular basis. It is a necessity if you want to notice a positive result in your body.

Many people may assume that a weight-loss pill is enough to achieve their ideal body weight. It is a false belief and must not be encouraged. Such pills are developed only to boost your weight loss that is actually caused by a restricted diet and exercise.

You must know that eating healthy and working out regularly will not just help reduce weight but also keep you happier. When you work out, certain hormones are released in your body that makes you happy from within. Along with that, a healthy diet keeps your hair and skin glowing.

So follow a healthy lifestyle for losing weight as well as staying happy.

  1. You Can Take Phentermine During Pregnancy

Women go through multiple hormonal changes when they are pregnant. It is natural to get an urge to take Phentermine in order to lose weight during pregnancy. It is an entirely wrong decision, and your doctor will say the same thing.

Adipex P is a category X drug. That means you cannot take this drug when you are pregnant. It may cause some severe side effects to you as well as your fetus. The same goes for ladies who are at the stage of breastfeeding.

If you take this drug, it will mix in your system and get transferred to your baby through your milk. In case you are too adamant about taking the drug, you may have to stop breastfeeding.

It is, therefore, strictly prohibited to women who are pregnant or those who currently breastfeed.

  1. Anyone Can Start Taking Phentermine as a Weight Loss Treatment

You may have read a lot about Phentermine and its positive effect on weight loss. Yes, it is quite effective, but you cannot start taking it without consulting a healthcare professional or your doctor.

Multiple drugs can interact with the Adipex dietary pills and cause reactions in your body. That is why if you are already undergoing treatment for any other health issue, you cannot take this drug.

That is not all. Even if you have suffered from some severe health problems in the past, it may prove to be harmful. For example, people with a history of heart attack, problems in blood pressure, diabetes, or issues in breathing must avoid this drug.

Even if you want to start this treatment, you must consult with your doctor first hand. Phentermine is a sensitive drug that may harm those who have had severe health issues in the past.

Apart from that, you are recommended to take this pill only if your Body Mass Index is around 27-30 or higher. That applies to both men and women. If your BMI is less than that, you do not need to take Phentermine. Your doctor would also give you the same advice.

In such a case, you can try to follow other natural methods like getting on a strictly healthy diet!

  1. Women Cannot Take Contraceptive Pills When On Phentermine

Birth control pills are highly sensitive and cause major hormonal changes in a woman's body. Therefore, it is natural if you think that you must not take such pills when on Phentermine. However, you are a little too skeptical here.

Some drugs have known to have major interactions when taken together, resulting in severe side effects. Still, that is not the case with contraceptive and Adipex dietary pills. If you can conceive, you may want to take birth control pills to prevent pregnancy despite the weight loss medicine.

In fact, it is essential to take such pills if you are using Phentermine treatment for weight loss. That is because in case you get pregnant, it may be harmful to your fetus. Therefore, you need to choose between having a baby or taking the Adipex p.

Note that if you are taking this weight loss drug and you get pregnant, you must immediately contact a doctor. Also, you will have to quit the Phentermine treatment in this case. Think about it and make a wise decision.

  1. You Can Use Phentermine As Long As You Like

Did you notice a reduction in your body weight after a few days of using this drug? Well, even if you are very happy with the results (which you will be), you cannot take it indefinitely. It is developed by using a strong formula, which is recommended only for a short period.

The maximum course of taking Phentermine is 12 weeks. People may usually use it for almost 6 to 8 weeks. It is a habit-forming drug, which is why the FDA has approved its use only for a limited period.

In most cases, Phentermine may prove to be ineffective after three months. Worst case, it may have some negative repercussions. Therefore, despite your desire to continue the treatment longer, your doctor will not recommend so.

There may be some exceptions to this. In case your doctor thinks that you may benefit from Phentermine even after 12 weeks, you may use it longer. However, you will have to continue the treatment with breaks of one month each.

  1. You Will Gain Weight Once You Stop Taking Phentermine

Completely wrong! As mentioned earlier, Phentermine aids in weight loss and is not solely responsible for the reduction in body fat. The prime reason behind losing weight is a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Even if you stop taking the drug, you must continue to stick with the healthy lifestyle that you have adopted. If you maintain these habits, your perfect weight will automatically remain the same (or even decrease further).

Certain weight loss programs may, however, cause you to gain weight once stopped. Such plans are unhealthy, which is why their effect will be lost once they are over. Phentermine drug treatment is a healthy way that equally requires a restricted diet and exercise.

So you can rest assured that you will not gain weight once you stop taking the k25 pill!

  1. Phentermine is a Useless Drug

You may have come across a few people who think that Phentermine is actually of no use. You can forget about what they said as the drug is totally legit!

It has been tested by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and approved for use by the regulatory body. Thus, it is a 100% genuine medication. Apart from that, several studies have proven that the use of Phentermine has caused a visible reduction in bodyweight.

A tested study by George Bray and Donna Ryan shows that the use of Phentermine can result in weight loss (source). Apart from that, previous studies prove that the drug may help a person lose around 5% at the beginning. It may increase to a loss of 10% of the bodyweight if used continuously for 12 weeks (source).

Therefore, Phentermine is a tested drug, and its claim of weight loss is true!

  1. Phentermine Does Not Have Any Side Effects

Every major medication has certain side effects, and so does Phentermine. However, if you are a healthy individual, you will not be prone to any severe impact. Some of the issues that you may face are drowsiness, dryness of mouth, vomiting, or diarrhea.

In most cases, these effects are mild and may not cause severe problems. However, if you have a medical history of serious diseases, the k25 pill may cause grave side effects. These include heart palpitation, fluctuation in blood pressure, shortness of breath, and more.

To avoid any such serious issues, discuss your medical history with a doctor before taking Phentermine.

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Final Words

Phentermine is primarily a hunger-suppressing agent that works when accompanied by exercise and a restricted diet. It was approved by the FDA in the year 1959. Since then, it has been used for weight loss all around the world.

People have given birth to several myths and misconceptions about the use of this drug. However, you must know that it is completely safe, as far as you are a healthy individual. Most importantly, do not forget to discuss with your doctor before starting the course of this weight loss treatment.

Once your doctor approves, you can buy Phentermine online and achieve the weight that you always dreamt of!